Obama’s wizard act

      After almost three years of Obama’s wizardry in office, the curtain surrounding his cranks and dials is being pulled back for all to see.  The wizard surrounded himself with kooks and cronies, extremists of all political stripes in the left’s most progressive mold.  Extremists remain among his many czar-advisors, and only recently is his wizard act being questioned on the substance of his performance.  Is he really a genius, as the fawning media would have you believe, or must one simply consider the source of this lofty appraisal?

           The almost three-year track record is available for all to see, while millions will remain blind to any alleged defect, blaming such defect upon outside, historic antecedents and influences.  The debt negotiations produced his most pronounced defect as a Johnny One Note.  His primary concern has little to do with the solvency of the country, but with his own re-election.  Johnny One Note tacked into every direction but one;  He threatened to veto any bill that did not extend the debt debate beyond the next election. 

        For the next year and a half we will see our wizard in full campaign mode hauling his teleprompters on Air Force One and Bus One listening (?) to the people.  His single message will center on demonizing wealth, inflaming class warfare, and coercing an already suffering populace into an entitlement mentality, searching for the folks who killed America’s Golden Goose.  Riots are simmering just below the volatile surface of polite society.  

        The answer is clear.  The golden goose is on Obama’s chopping block.  He calls it entitlement and redistribution.  The last thing our wizard will ever admit is who, precisely, it is that pays the bulk of the nation’s bills.  It is precisely the wealthy, the tip of the government revenue ice berg, where the top 1% annually pays 38-40% of all income taxes.  This is not a fair share??

        When we demonize the wealthy through lies and propaganda we are killing the goose that lays the golden egg.  Demonize wealth and the wealth will diminish.  Punish wealth and it will find investments elsewhere. 

        The question that arises is “how can a wizard be so stupid?”  If our wizard is so bright, why does he insist on doing such stupid things?  After stumbling around for three years why does he continue to stumble?  Is he incapable of learning?  The answers are all around him.  He is shown the right answers around every corner.  Yet he continues to move straight ahead toward the fiscal abyss.  His fellow progressive democrats are no brighter, and follow his lead like the rats followed the Pied Piper.  I guess we are all goners!!!!        

        The Wall Street Journal finally printed a plain talking opinion piece August 9, 2011, entitled “Is Obama Smart?” by Bret Stephens.  The many behavioral observations are summarized in Forrest Gump style and are quoted:

“Then there is Mr. Obama the political tactician.  He makes predictions that prove false.  He makes promises he can not honor.  He raises expectations he cannot meet.  He reneges on commitments made in private.  He surrenders positions staked in public.  He is absent from issues in which he has a duty to be involved.  He is overbearing when he should be absent…. Every time he opens his mouth he subtracts from the sum total of capital wealth…..  The fault always lies in the failure of his audiences to listen attentively. ”    Finally he finished with the Forrest Gump line “Stupid is as stupid does” 

       Now he is engaged in a Sarah Palin style bus tour in which he will continue creating and saving jobs in the American economy.   Every job he claims to save creates five new government jobs, and hidden entitlements as far as the eye can see.  Every time he opens his mouth jobs leave the country for more favorable capital environments.

        Our wizard of a president is simply not very bright, and after almost three years in the world’s most powerful office he seems to have gained no useful executive experience.  In the Gulf Oil spill he puts a moratorium on future drilling, and says he is trying to find out whose ass to kick.  He has kicked the American workers across the gulf decimating the energy industry, and he continues to destroy jobs at the Boeing plant in South Carolina.  For every job he creates the private sector loses five, the taxpayer pays the bill, and the government debt balloons. 

        Hello!! Our president is really not very bright at best, and at worst he harbors a deep-seated resentment of all wealth.  There are dozens of things he could do to create real jobs, yet he is beholden to the unions, environmentalists, and those millions of folks who are entitled to receive all survival needs without lifting a finger. 

        The country’s only salvation is to prevent our current wizard from doing any additional harm to this great country during his remaining term of office.  The bulk of the folks in Washington are equally as stupid as our current president, as the only thing they are able to do is kick the can on down the same old road. 

        There is no light at the end of the country’s hyper-partisan political tunnel.  What is at the end of the tunnel?  Hopefully a recognition that it is time to stop digging.  Washington doesn’t stop digging when they have more revenue!!!   Hello!!!

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