Climate science

Lost Leadership in a World of Psychopaths,
and the Cult of Global Warming

While some say that Obama’s stimulus spending bill offers little incentive for investment, the urgency took the microscope off the details where the devil resides, and the horse left the barn.  What is most revealing is Emanuel’s advice that one should never pass up the opportunities of a good crisis.  This very statement fails the smell test, and suggests that Obama is being led, or is leading us down the primrose path like a psychopathic opportunist, who will move as fast as possible under conditions of distraction.  All the world’s pickpockets employ this same technique.  As these opportunists both arose from Chicago politics it is no great surprise, as all strategies are fair game in politics.

Obama glibly asserts that he pays no attention to the daily gyrations of the stock market because they make little more sense than any other survey or poll (of the ignorant or uninformed?).  He says he is looking out for America’s long term future!!  If one kills the present there is no future.  While ignoring these gyrations, he has missed the fact that America’s wealth is being destroyed for most Americans who have saved and are saving responsibly for retirement, and they discover that their nest eggs are missing.  The responsible and hard working men on the street have investments in 401ks and company retirement funds, investment accounts and index funds that rely upon the success of American capitalism.  A president that equates these with random telephone surveys is showing a complete lack of responsible leadership.  Now let’s see.  Didn’t Obama implore us to be responsible?

Obama is seeking neither the short term, nor the long term future of the country through his glibness, but is seeking to redistribute the country’s wealth in the dark of night.  In the name of fairness he is decimating wealth, the only engine with the resources to invest in our economy.  This sentiment is captured in the following cartoon, thanks to Mike Lukovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and printed in USA Today (March 6, 2009).  The caption of two bystanders is that “I heard automakers were developing an electric car…”

brain.1For those reading only text, the electric car pictured is an electric chair with four wheels.  The taxpayer is strapped into the chair with electrodes on his head to send him to taxpayer heaven.  Rather than showing two bystanders, it might have pictured Obama with his hand on the switch ready to fry the taxpayer.  In the area of economic leadership, Obama is brain dead.

One might hope that where responsible science is involved more rational heads would prevail.  Obama is not only being led by psychopaths, but he is the leader of the economy’s most dangerous brain dead cult, the cult of global warming.  This particular cult harbors no concern for the welfare of any humanity, but has raised all creatures large and small, all plants, and environmental ecosystems to the level of a God.  In the name of survival of the planet, this cult, with Obama’s assistance, manages to push all science to background.  They assert that there is already a scientific consensus about global warming, so they are all going on to the next step.  Unlike Jonestown, this cult has the full force and power of the government behind it, and is located in Washington.

What will never be shown for public consumption by the Obama cult is the factual science on global warming.  A great deal is known through science about the earth’s atmosphere, its ecosystem, and the historic realities that fly in the face of the cult’s science.  What characterizes a cult is their insular nature:  In the case of global warming, there is already a consensus(?)  They pick their authorities carefully, like respected international bodies: the United Nations(??).

They develop their own dictionary of hallowed terms, which they elevate to God-like status.  These terms roll off their tongues like manna from heaven, and serve to identify each other as members of the cult.  From science of the 1950s and 60s, giant bubbles were erected to emulate the planet’s greenhouse effect.  The purpose of these experiments was to see if an encapsulated environment could be made self-sustaining.  Today’s cult members refer to the earth and its atmosphere as a greenhouse, almost as though we are still in one giant bubble.  Like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, nobody ever enters, and nobody ever leaves.  While earth may share a few characteristics of a bubble, it is clearly not an air-tight greenhouse.

For those who are actually interested in the science of global warming, go directly to the following online source to take a ten item test about what is known about the earth’s atmosphere.  This is a great start for the curious, the uninitiated, and the perverse.  Obama and all the EPA cultists should study the test items carefully, along with the answers which include charts, graphs, and concise explanations.  The address of this test is

What is rarely revealed about any cult is exactly who the believers are.  Actual scientists do not need any form of consensus as proof that an event, like global warming, is real.  Scientists have their own set of principles and practices based upon data from observations.  The cult’s believers are largely groupies, extremist advocates, radicals with single issues, folks with an agenda, anarchists, journalists who engage in feeding frenzies and know nothing at all, and random psychopaths who believe in the power of distraction.  Given this diverse set of folks with a common agenda, the real question becomes who do you believe?  The answer is “Climate scientists whose work is completely dedicated to understanding the earth’s atmosphere.”

The final test of a cult is how they tolerate non-believers, which includes real scientists.  Politics and science are like oil and water:  they do not mix well.  Our government, when confronted by real climate scientists, has a nasty tendency to expel those who do not speak the straight party line.  A former chief of the weather bureau was demoted because he, as a scientist, did not believe in global warming.  The cult did what all cults do.  They threw him under the bus, as Obama has done to many, because the voice of dissent can not be tolerated within his group.  This is classic “group-think”.  You must think like the group, or your usefulness may have a very short life.  Like piranhas at the sight of fresh blood and political psychopaths, they will devour non-believers without a moment’s hesitation.

This is our government’s cult.  Its headquarters is the EPA in Washington.  The current headmaster believes in global warming.  She and Carol Browner were appointed by Obama as true believers.  Whether they actually know any better is a valid question, but the evidence is quite clear that none of the three have any active brain cells capable of understanding climate science.  They accept the cult’s rigid prescription that global warming is an imminent catastrophe.  Like any psychopath with an agenda, unless we deal with this problem immediately we are all doomed to roast tomorrow, if not later today.  What a crock!

Obama’s clearest identification as a cult member is his position on renewable energy, as though this is the holy grail which will lead us from energy on earth to the promised land.  The key term is renewable, a critical and central adjective which specifies exactly what kinds of energy sources are holy, and which kinds are demonized.  The hallowed and God-like energy sources are biofuels, wind power, hydro-electric power, solar power, and geothermal power.   Geothermal power is a God-like resource in Iceland, but it does little for those who live some distance from continuous, surface volcanic activity.  Like most all renewable sources they work fine on rare occasions.  The rest of the time survival depends upon reliable sources of energy.

Without belaboring the details of climate science (see included papers), the following pie chart from the global warming test above illustrates a clear point. Environmentalists will never tell you this because it raises doubt about their “scientific consensus on global warming”,


Carbon dioxide is such a small component of Earth’s atmosphere (380 parts per million or 0.038%) that it shows up on the chart below as only a thin line (shown at 2x actual thickness, just so you can see it!). Compared to former geologic times, Earth’s atmosphere is “CO2 impoverished.”In the last 600 million years of Earth’s history only the Carboniferous Period and our present age, the Quaternary Period, have witnessed CO2 levels less than 400 ppm.

Just so the man on the street understands, our EPA in Washington has lost the battle over global warming.  They know it will never sell because their supporting data is flimsy.  A cult, however, never gives up without a fight.  Now they are using the Clean Air Act, and a single judge’s ruling in Boston, to declare carbon dioxide (shown in the above chart) a pollutant.  It is not just a pollutant.  It is a pollutant so serious that it must be controlled immediately or we will all roast in hell.

President Obama, in response to this newest crisis, says that he supports the EPA’s cap and trade program to control this pollutant, carbon dioxide.  The government’s price on the economy, based upon EPA estimates, will tax the man on the street an increasing amount every year.  By the year 2019, this will cost the taxpayers $646 billion dollars or more every year from 2019 on into the future.  Obama’s own cultish folks admit that this is a lowball estimate of the actual revenue it will raise.  This is an amount almost equal to Obama’s initial stimulus package, and it, or more, will be collected from the taxpayers every year.  All this is to control carbon dioxide, an alleged pollutant which is lower now than at any time in the earth’s past 600 million years.  Obama, where is your brain?

The carbon cult, as a science, must believe that carbon is as dangerous as snake venom.  This fatal toxin in microscopic amounts has already been injected into the world’s circulatory system, and we simply have not yet died.  The scientific truth is that carbon is an essential ingredient in all life forms.  Without carbon, all plants, animals and every living creature would vanish from the face of the earth.

The cult’s core belief is that man is the evil incarnate who is polluting the earth and all other living things through his carbon footprint.  It is man who burns fossil fuel, generates power, and invests in a future full of vast scientific discoveries.  The cult, Obama, and the EPA want nothing to do with it.

What is the evidence that carbon is any problem at all?  The man on the street clearly shows better brain function than all the brainless wonders in Washington.

Hello!  Is anyone out there with a brain?

Obama!  Pull your head out from where the sun don’t shine, and smell the roses.  Then locate your brain and decide if you are capable of leading what is left of our great country.

And do it quickly before it is too late!

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