Obama’s liberal landfill

These pages are from an old academic monkey who graded Obama’s graduate papers during his many years in office. Now that we can look back on most of his tenure the damage he has done to America may become clearer.

Obama's goose In the beginning Barack recreated the heavens and the earth.
The financial crisis During House of Representatives hearings on the health of Fannie and Freddie – the Democrats in charge report that all is in order. Woops!!
Energy independence Obama's goal of energy independence of foreign oil is laudable. His belief that by joining with environmentalists he will achieve any independence at all is a pipe dream.
Fannie and Freddie Get the straight story on the double dealing at these two financial giants whose managers are like foxes in the henhouse.
Spread the wealth When you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody Barack Hussein Obama
The carbon demons The so-called consensus on global warming is primarily bureaucrats in the EPA which anticipates huge new revenue sources by trading in smoke and mirrors.
Cash for clunkers conspiracy   Who in their right minds would conspire to destroy cars that run – unless there is a government subsidy that pays off everybody but the taxpayers?
Climate science   The fundamentals of global warming are presented here for true believers to understand. For others it tests your knowledge as well.
Consensus of turkeys When the global warming cult looks at the earth's history of ice ages it puts a damper on any scientific proof that warming exists or that man is a major cause.
America's goose Obama's politics of hatred; class division; and alleged greed is dividing the world's greatest melting pot into a flaming cauldron of dissention and distrust.
EPA science: cow tax The Environmental Protection Agency’s most recent incantation suggests that all farmers should buy a National Farming Permit. Some might refer to this as a cow tax – the source of the worst carbon dioxide emitters.
Tax day in the media The USA Today's editorial – Tax Rhetoric vs. Reality (April 17; 2009) is the perfect example of the many ways our so-called free press distorts accurate reporting by burying details through exaggeration – and by omitting what should be said. Get the facts here.
Barack's U.N. opportunity As reported in the Wall Street Journal- (Global Climate Effort Awaits U.S. Influence; 3/27/2009) the United Nations anticipates great support from the Obama Administration's contribution to its climate change debate.
Holder's black justice This is justice in the City of Brotherly Love when another brother is the attorney general.
No more foreign oil This three part paper presents new USGS discoveries and an opportunity for Obama to meet his goal of energy independence from foreign oil.
Obama's religious outrage   The report of exempting a specific religious group from purchasing insurance under the Affordable Care Act is an outrageous proposal which violates the founding principals of our country.
Dr. Obama's snake oil National Review's classic cover (July 20; 2009) shows Dr. Obama's infectious smile while appropriately putting on rubber gloves to prepare for an invasive procedure of America's health care system.
Obama role model With our first black president some hoped the Obama's role model would catch on with his many black brothers. Successful role models in the black culture are often denigrated as Uncle Toms for selling out to the white majority – the plantation owner. No success here.
A nation of cowards Immediately after our black Attorney general – Eric Holder – declares America a nation of cowards – then he dismisses the conviction of two brothers in Philadelphia for interfering in a voting precinct. As the nations highest cop what will he do next?
Reason vs. carbon crazies This paper presents opposing views of carbon – a trace requires of all life forms – with the carbon cult crazies currently in charge in Washington.
Words and deeds When words and deeds are not connected it is impossible to know if you are dealing with a liberal; a psychopath; or the ignorant. It could even be a Harvard educated lawyer.
Obama's American Dream Obama's 2010 budget entitled A New Era of Responsibility is his master plan for restoring the American dream. Look at what his 7-years in office has produced so far?
Obama's unemployment party Long term unemployment rates depend upon the political party in power. The longer a party remains in power the better – or worse unemployment becomes.
Obama's pickpockets When dealing with Chrysler and GM bailout to avoid bankruptcy – America's bondholders – with priority seats for reimbursement are sent to the back of the bus while the UAW is given primary ownership of these auto manufacturers. When priority in bankruptcy rules are ignored who in their right minds will invest in any business in America?
Legacy of deception While the executive branch is writing legislation in the back rooms of the White House – the legislative branch is meeting behind closed doors and "deeming" that they have passed legislation which they have never read; have never seen; and do not understand. This is an administration of pure deception.
The real Obama The real Obama is revealed by of his remark to Putin that "after his re-election he will have a freer hand to do what he wants." What he wants is a frightening prospect.
Barack's last stand? After Obama's re-election it is clear that our federal government is a chronic disease which will kill America's golden goose unless the sick system at its core is brought to its knees.
Obama's wizard act Every time Obama opens his mouth jobs leave the country for more favorable capital environments. Does he intend to kill the American Dream in his last year in office?

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