Barack’s U.N. Opportunity

United Nations to Help America Redistribute Wealth

          As reported in the Wall Street Journal, (Global Climate Effort Awaits U.S. Influence, 3/27/2009) the United Nations anticipates great support from the Obama Administration’s contribution to its climate change debate.  The sticking point in the debate has nothing to do with the science of global warming, but hinges upon how much money the United States is willing to pay poor countries for them to reduce their carbon emissions.             The U.N.’s Climate Change Secretariat, Mr. Yvo de Boer stated that “the arrival of the new U.S. administration will have a huge and positive effect on the negotiations.”  He added that “without money on the table, we will not get the developing-country engagement we need.”

Hello, Barack.  America represents money on the table to the U.N.

          Is there any doubt that this is Obama’s entry into the scene of international powers as represented by the United Nations.  Is there any doubt that those dozens of poor nations struggling to get ahead have not been playing on a level field.  While nobody really expects these poor nations to identify with their carbon footprint, maybe if the deal is sufficient sweet they will accept the money.   So Obama, please bring lots of money!  Obama and all these poor nations know we have lots of money.  

Hello! The United Nations?

           Immediately after the first Gulf war in 1991, the United Nations issued the following statement:  “the Iraqi people may soon face a further imminent catastrophe, which could include epidemic and famine, if massive life-supporting needs are not rapidly met.”  With the prediction of this imminent catastrophe, the United Nations developed its notorious Oil for Food program.  Only a scant few of the details of this program are summarized below for background on a future collaborator with the Obama administration’s climate crisis. 

          So here we have it.  The United Nations is eager to enter another humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, the impending crisis of global warming.  Note first, of course, that we are no longer addressing the crisis as global warming.  That particular forecast has been downgraded to climate change, an all inclusive concept which allows both warming and cooling to empower the powers with the authority to tax all countries, large, small, rich and poor, into submission.  With the Obama administration’s support and the opportunity for international power at the expense of the American taxpayer, there is no doubt that Obama will throw in with this august international body. 

On the United Nation’s Credibility:

          A brief history is appropriate for those Americans who are old enough to remember the 1990s and the United Nations track record for dispensing responsible aid under their crisis declared in 1991.  This is the same United Nations whose programs authorized the Oil for Food program.   Through this program Saddam Hussein was able to rearm for a second war in spite of multiple U.N. sanctions and oversight.  As a presumed source for good in the world, the United Nations became an irresponsible and opaque body of bureaucrats which unknowingly funneled billions into the Iraqi dictator.  The second war with Iraq was the inevitable outcome.

          According to Nile Gardner and James Phillips of the Heritage Institute: ( 

The abuse of the Oil-for-Food program was the result of a staggering management failure by the United Nations and has raised troubling questions about the U.N.’s credibility and competence. The Oil-for-Food debacle reinforces the need for sweeping reform of the U.N. bureaucracy and the need for an annual external audit of its accounts……

Emerging from the evidence is a mosaic of international corruption involving a patchwork of politicians and businesses across the world that benefited from the Oil-for-Food program and helped to keep Hussein in power. The Iraqi Oil Ministry recently released a partial list of beneficiaries: 270 names of individuals, political entities, and companies from across the world who received oil vouchers from Saddam Hussein’s regime, allegedly at below-market prices.

          Most surprising is that the scam was in full operation from 1996 to 2003.  It was not even suspected until after captured documents in Iraq shed the light of day on the U.N.’s complicity and incompetence as the conduit for such corruption.  The corruption was not pocket change, estimated at producing 10 billion dollars for Saddam, and was the largest single project for the United Nations for years, generating revenue for its other world wide humanitarian operations. 

           After the massive corruption was uncovered, the U.N. lost this primary revenue stream of many years.  The U.N. is currently in search of another funding source through which it can extract its percentage, and distribute huge sums of money through its World Bank to hundreds of other countries around the world.  By combining the worldwide financial crisis and the global warming crisis into one huge catastrophe, the U.N. is salivating at the opportunity to save the world from the polluters.  This is the perfect storm for Barack Obama’s administration to underwrite the next world-wide financial scam through U.N. cleansing. 

On Global Warming Credibility

          Global warming can boast an increase in the earth temperature of about half of one degree centigrade over the last 100 years, maybe.  In view of temperature variation from night to day, and through four seasons around the world, half a degree increase is not enough to write home about.  Yet the alarmists, through use of computer models and replication through trend analysis, are predicting the end of the world.  Global warming is a computer prediction, not a reality here, today. 

          Global warming advocates, primarily government bureaucrats and media drones, have an agenda to sell.  In the name of environmentalism, they have catalogued thousands of worldly creatures, human diseases, plant and animal anomalies, and geologic events which are threatened if global warming is not stopped.  In the name of science, they say, we are all doomed to roast in hell if we don’t respond to their known scientific consensus.  This fear is the driving force behind the global warming panic attack, while the science says nothing of the kind.

          Half a degree?  Hello!   If an individual’s bathwater was suddenly increased by this amount, it would not be perceptible.  Yet the world is near panic over the only hard scientific data, half a degree, centigrade.

          Having lost the scientific battle with data, those who wish to make money through carbon and others change the terminology to read climate change, an essentially meaningless phrase all folks can agree with regardless of any science.  This sleight of hand allows pseudo-science to enter through the back door.  While the globe may never warm, and may even turn into an ice age, the real demon has now been identified.  It is carbon, carbon in the atmosphere, carbon measured in parts-per-million.  This atmospheric carbon, they say, acts as a thermal shield which prevents heat from escaping from the earth’s surface. 

          This atmospheric carbon is produced, in part, by the combustion of fossil fuels, burning oil or coal in power plants and vehicles around the world.  What is rarely stated openly is that the source of this evil carbon is the incredibly evil man who is behind it all. 

          What environmentalists will never tell you is that the level of carbon in the atmosphere is near the lowest point now that it has been in the past 600 million years.  Fretting about atmospheric carbon would seem to be among the lowest of any government priorities given the current financial crisis around the globe.  But wait!  Never pass up the opportunities of a good crisis. 

          A second thing environmentalists will never tell you, assuming that they know, is that carbon is an absolutely essential element in every living thing.  All plants, animals, humans, cows, snail darters, and even environmentalists would die without carbon as a trace element.  It is no less important than water, and it circulates throughout the globe in the atmosphere and is stored in carbon sinks in natural wetlands.  The largest single source of atmospheric carbon is emitted from lowlands, bogs, and marshes, not from automotive exhausts.    

          The third thing environmentalists at the EPA will never tell you is that they believe they have the authority to simply declare carbon a pollutant through the clean air act, no science needed.  Using this authority they may simply issue a proposed departmental rule change, which they already have done, and request responses from persons and governmental entities who are interested. 

          None of this actually matters as the deed is done, the horse is already out of the barn.  The only remaining question is how much additional carbon tax does the government need to cover their deficit spending?

          When the money is rolling in, what bureaucrat will condemn the money source?  The United Nations is no exception to malignant corruption, and will willingly serve as the conduit of massive amounts of funds to developing countries all over the world.  Oil for Food and Bernie Madoff are small potatoes in view of the potential of this next carbon cult scam. 

          Hello Obama!  Have you located your brain yet?

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