Dr. Obama’s snake oil

In his continuing bid to spread the wealth, Dr. Obama has moved quickly from destroying the economy to providing free healthcare for all Americans.  National Review’s classic cover (July 20, 2009) shows Dr. Obama’s infectious smile  while appropriately putting on rubber gloves to prepare for an invasive procedure of America’s health care system. 

While claiming that our health care is both broken and underfunded, some 80% (150 million) of us are perfectly happy with our coverage, much of which we pay for without any government assistance. 

Obama’s plan is to cram health insurance into overhead of every business in the country.  As large and small businesses continue to close their doors, the rapid migration of health coverage from private to government insurance is assured.  This will destroy 150 million happy folks with private insurance today in order to give free health coverage to an additional 10 million folks, of the 30 – 40 million who are currently, often temporarily, out of insurance.  Obama’s pathetic plan amounts to throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  

The Titanic is sinking and Captain Obama has already left the ship with his cult members and all the lifeboats.  Now that the ship has sunk and the crisis continues, lets drown the 80% who are happy with their health care and private insurance in order to give free government health insurance to a pitiful 10 million additional folks who wont work, don’t need it, don’t want it, won’t pay for it, but will be given it whether they want it or not.  Throw 150 million happy folks who pay for their insurance over the side in exchange for providing free coverage to 10 million who will pay for nothing.  Exactly whose world this makes sense in is selling pure snake oil.  Only Dr. Obama’s smoke and mirrors can justify such an inane proposal in a recession with millions out of work!! 

Welcome to Obama’s world!!! 

Our president is one of the co-sponsors of the most recent federal law on transparency.  What is clear from Obama’s actions is that he believed one thing in the Illinois legislature.  He believed another thing as a senator in Washington.  He practices still a third thing as President of the United States.  His positions are reminiscent of the old What’s My Line television show:  Would the real Barack Obama please stand up! 

The reality is that there is not any one real Obama, but an Obama of smoke and mirrors, an Obama who says one thing and does another, an Obama who says what the public wants to hear, an Obama whose psychopathic tendencies and sleight of hand are slicker than any professional magician.  Watch him pull a rabbit out of a hat.  Watch him pull our country from a down-turn to a depression.  Watch him pass mandatory national healthcare in the blink of an eye. Watch him do it immediately in the name of un-sustainability, the only issue he has addressed accurately. 

Government has become the Achilles Heel of every emergency, both natural and man-made.  Over the past few decades our government through elected representatives has come to respond to the immediacy of each and every catastrophe, as though every individual deserves to be compensated by big brother whenever the going gets tough.  FEMA is the perfect example of the belief that government should take charge in every crisis, and should compensate everybody for their suffering. 

Folks should not suffer!!!  When things get tough the government should write out checks.  In part this follows from the widely held belief that federal legislators, senators and representatives, go to Washington to spend money.  Washington, and both political parties, have come to believe funds in an emergency are unlimited.  Washington is one giant insurance company!!  The legislators write the policies, everybody is covered, and the premiums have been paid in advance!!

Our government has perfected the spending part of the equation.  With an almost fool-proof majority in the legislature, the party in power can work their will through closed committee sessions.  Bills can be circulated from committee to committee in the dead of night.  Earmarks may be added to each bill bringing each legislator’s bacon home to his own district.  This is added without seeing the light of day. 

The strange thing is that all of our elected representatives believe this is the way it should be, and to the man they believe the man on the street is so stupid that he and she do not know what is going on.

An appropriate sense of frustration is perfectly expressed by a letter to the editor in the USA Today (June 17, 2009):

Before Congress votes on health care legislation, a plain talk explanation of the proposed program needs to be published in our major newspapers and made available online (“Should you be required to have medical coverage?,” Our view, Health care reform debate, June 10). All networks and cable news programs need to dedicate a Saturday or Sunday evening explaining the plan. We need to see what we are getting, how it would work, how various groups of people would be affected, how much it would cost and how it would be paid for. The public should get a month to make comments, and then the plan should be republished with changes. After that, a vote should be held on the plan. This is how transparency should work.
M Hintz
Danville, Ill.

Hintz is exactly right, and his comments would seem to fit perfectly with Obama’s transparency bill, which is a matter of federal law.  So much for transparency in the Obama administration, and so much for federal laws which Obama himself sponsored.  Now he is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for enforcing the same law. 

Every indication from Obama’s first six months in office is that a 2,000 page document will be passed from Edward Kennedy’s committee on health care to the full Senate late Friday Afternoon.  Before anybody actually reads the bill, we will find ourselves standing in line with the Canadians for second-rate health care which nobody voted for. 

An Alternate Plan:

Step One:  The only comprehensive plan for covering every American with health care is one proposed by Neal Boortz of radio talk show fame.  He proposes that the first step should be to give all doctors and hospitals an automatic tax deduction for every person treated without health insurance.  All 40 million could be covered over night, and the doctors and hospitals would be freed of Obama’s invasive procedures, which will destroy the best health care system in the world. 

Step two should be to limit doctors, drug companies and all other medical care facilities from the liabilities imposed by greedy lawyers.  The threat of lawsuits and exorbitant civil penalties causes all to over-prescribe, over examine, and overcharge everybody in line with any resources.  If the trial lawyers and Washington lobbyists were neutralized, many of the current problems would be resolved by removing the overkill currently practices by physicians, surgeons, and related facilities. 

Step three:  Any notion that the word “savings” has any meaning in government should look at the record over the past 100 years.  Democrats “savings” are never returned to the taxpayers, but are expended on other programs which the man on the street would never legally authorize.  Only congress, for example, authorizes a Social Security trust fund, then spends all the funds for general operating expenses, leaving IOUs in the trust fund. 

Washington has become California with the additional ability to print money.  Only when the elected folks and bureaucrats in Washington have to balance the annual budget will any government program be safe from decades of increasing costs and inflation. 

Obama’s short presentation and rambling responses to questions July 22, 2009, revealed how inadequate and incompetent our current president really is on healthcare.  There are experts all over America whose wisdom could be organized into a program to solve the short and long-term problems with health care. 

Unfortunately, the folks Obama has chosen to surround himself with are the radicals, community organizers, lawyers and academics, career government workers, anarchists, Marxists, and marginal folks whose primary tactics are to skirt the laws, get away with as much as possible, and pull the wool over the eyes of the voters.  With a few glib phrases, Obama, like the Pied Piper, will lead America to her death. 

After six months in office, Obama has yet to support or endorse the first item which will stimulate the American economy and put folks back to work.  Each and every action he takes appears designed to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.  Obama’s lack of economic or business sense, and complete lack of executive experience suggests that after his internship as President, the damage he does may never be reversed.  For example, read the 30-year record on unemployment, Obama’s Unemployment Party.  This is strictly a data-based paper which shows the long-term consequences of the right and wrong government policies. 

May God help us all.  

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