Holder’s black justice

This is justice in the city of brotherly love
when a brother is the attorney general

          The first post on Attorney General Eric Holder is entitled a Nation of Cowards. For those who are unfamiliar with the context of Holder’s ‘cowards’ statement, the nation of cowards should be read first.   This post is a continuation and confirmation of the inferences drawn from that post, and the serious injustice, including pure cowardice, of Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  As a nation of cowards, Holder’s appointment is confirmation of that characterization, and may be an omen of the future of black and white justice in America.            In this context, Obama’s judgment in making Holder’s nomination and the Democratic Party’s confirmation of Holder’s appointment further confirms us as a nation of cowards.  So what is the new evidence of such widespread cowardice?         

It was reported in national news this morning (May 30, 2009) that Black Panthers in traditional garb and brandishing clubs were monitoring voting sites in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, during the past presidential election.  They were swinging clubs, blocking access to the doors, and making harassing statements to voters as they arrived at the polls.  This is Obama’s change you can believe in, and Holder’s responsibility to protect and defend the public while enforcing the nation’s election laws.  Had these folks violating the law been in white sheets they would probably not have survived the day.According to the Philadelphia Bulletin (Friday, May 29, 2009)

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court in Philadelphia, alleged that on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008 in Philadelphia, NBPPSD members Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were stationed at the entrance to a polling location at 1221 Fairmount Avenue, wearing the uniform of the organization. It also states Mr. Shabazz repeatedly brandished a “police-style baton weapon.”

          These incidents were reported on national news by a liberal activist, a lawyer who presented cell phone video from the voting site in Philadelphia.   This clear violation of federal election law was processed by the appropriate judicial authorities.  Those charged decided not to appear in court, the equivalent of a guilty verdict under federal law. 

          Holder’s justice department was advised of this second defiance of law.  Had they done nothing the case would become a conviction.  The black panthers would have been sentenced by the courts, and justice would have been served.  Good job, Holder.  No cowardice here!

          But wait!

          Unfortunately, Holder and his brothers in justice proceeded to dismiss the case, indicating that they could not be bothered with such small fish.  This legal action amounts to taking a guilty plea and conviction, and throwing the case out of the system.  This is black justice you can believe in, shades of O. J. Simpson and a jury of his peers.  Several years later, a black attorney general nullifies federal law he took an oath to uphold. 

          Hello!  Exactly who are the cowards in this picture of justice in America?  When Holder’s Justice Department dismisses a conviction of Black Panthers who are armed and patrolling an election place, America certainly has arrived as a Nation of Cowards, and Eric Holder has appointed himself as their fearless leader!!!! 

          As implied earlier, American justice under Holder and Obama is a sham.  Dismissing such a case is a clear example of black rage, the new standard of justice in America.  One may anticipate that armed black panthers may guard all polling places in future elections under the supervision of ACORN.  Holder and Obama are the nation’s highest enablers, and are demonstrating the tactics of black rage, legal nullification, and leadership through acute cowardice. 

          Welcome to America’s Nation of Cowards, and change we can live with!   Strangely enough, the Black Panthers are the only folks in this picture with the guts to stand up for what they believe.  Or do Obama and Holder actually condone and encourage such outrageous behavior by sweeping it under the carpet?

          Fascinating story on cowardice in leadership.  Shades of Rev. Jeremiah Wright:  America’s cowards have come home to roost in the nation’s highest court.

          Hello!  Obama!  Holder!  Are you there?

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