EPA science: Cow tax

In the name of catastrophic global warming, the Environmental Protection Agency’s iron maiden, the most recent incantation focuses upon proposed regulations that their subjects must take seriously. In this case the farmers, who produce food for the world’s starving masses, are targeted to buy a National Farming Permit, a business license required to keep the IRS at bay. Some might refer to this as a cow tax. Such a proposal calls into question the nature and substance of the EPA’s science, the rock-solid basis from which such proposals originate. The EPA’s science is truly a frightening thing to behold. In the name of the Clean Air Act, apostles of global warming are authorized to regulate the earth’s environment and care for all its creatures. This charge they intend to implement through pure science. In the next breath they admit to membership in the global warming consensus, the true believers! This alleged scientific approach is breath-taking.

Is warming for real, here, and now, or is warming the figment of environmentalists’ imagination? The pure scientists at the EPA appear to subscribe to global warming, an internal, bureaucratic consensus. Or is this consensus simply a cult of doom, a collection of alarmists who will stop at nothing to frighten their subjects into submission?

My belief is that the EPA’s science is so seriously flawed that it resembles controlling the fleas on the dog. It would not be so bad if the EPA had a solid grasp on the dog’s tail, and could control a warming dog a bit. Unfortunately they are focused upon the fleas, the independent organisms on a dog environment. The dog, they say, is warming out of control, while the EPA is selling permits to have fleas! Preposterous? Absolutely not!

The EPA currently sells permits to pollute with carbon, a commodity that circulates like shares in Bernie Madoff’s Mutual Funds. The entire system is a giant Ponzi scheme with the most likely result ending in another bankruptcy. The EPA and the politicians who cooked up the system don’t really care, and will never admit culpability when the system, like Enron, collapses. So long as the revenue comes in, any science of global warming is irrelevant to government.

The flaws in their science are so glaring as to be humorous. First there are major or primary flaws, and then there are contributing flaws which are not so central to science, but reflect upon the quality of the science of the consensus.

Philosophically, the first flaw is that science requires no consensus, as any scientific finding will stand on its own, and may be repeated over and over until the cows come home. The notion of a consensus in science is used like a sledge hammer to silence the unbelievers. Like dissent in a cult, it is not tolerated.

Obama’s newly selected EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, advises that she will rely upon science as the backbone of what her administration does (Wall Street Journal, Jan 15, 2009). Then in the same breath she endorses global warming as the central theme, giving it God-like status for the agency’s top five priorities.

Hello! Exactly where is the science that scientifically establishes global warming is real? Is it real, or does the consensus believe it is real? Or are the government scientists being paid to advocate the belief that global warming is real, and we better act fast before it is too late?

EPA secretary Jackson’s ace in the hole is the EPA’s authority to regulate endangerment as well as air quality. While global warming is her solemn master, if the science of global warming doesn’t pan out, she can rely upon endangerment to health to control the earth and all its creatures. What a deal!

Here come the cows, and the bulls, and the steers, and the pigs, and even the farmers who raise over 500 acres of corn. They are all polluters, and must purchase permits to pollute, an annual license fee required to continue farming, raising animals, or harvesting crops. For shame on those who work to feed the earth’s starving masses.

Hello! EPA science! All breathing creatures contribute to global warming by expelling carbon pollution into the atmosphere. How about an annual license to breathe?

EPA Science: A Critique

The major flaw in EPA’s science is accepting that global warming is here today. Catastrophic global warming is first a prediction, an event that some believe will arrive in 2100, or 2500 if nothing changes to alter its course. There is certainly no evidence that it is here today, a calamity in progress, although the Kool-aid drinkers look around and point to each and every little regional or local event as though it is caused by global warming, here, today. Run for your lives!

As a major flaw, EPA’s science must first establish that the earth’s temperature is significantly higher today than it has been at any time in the past. This is a stringent requirement for responsible science, and without first establishing this scientific truth, nothing else matters. For example, if at some point 5,000 or 100,000 or two million years ago it was actually warmer than it is today, then any scientific relevance of what we do today loses all meaning. This is the major flaw in the EPA’s science. It is not here today. Global warming is only a prediction deeply into the future.

The only scientific error worse than ignoring the above requirement is the EPA’s scientific backup position, that while global warming is not here today, its arrival must be prevented. As in the old geometry problem, when one accepts a given, all else hinges upon that given, whether true or not. For instance, one may accept global warming as a given, a current reality. With this given and through manipulation and control of atmospheric chemicals, preventing global warming from getting any worse becomes the scientific outcome. This position states that if the temperature of the earth is the same 50 years from now as it is today, all the environmental controls have been eminently successful. This is a scientific heresy, and the man on the street understands it much better than the folks in the EPA. The fallacy of this science is well illustrated by preventing something which has never before happened!! This is not science, but witchcraft.

The most recent evidence on global warming is that the earth’s average temperature has dropped every year for the past eleven years. This makes a difficult case for warming alarmists to explain. Over the past 100 years the earth’s temperature has risen, at most, one degree centigrade. This is not enough to write home about, and falls seriously short of any catastrophe. Many thousand years ago the Kansas-Nebraska border, the middle of the bread belt, was covered by a glacier estimated at six-hundred feet in depth. A warmer earth may be the only earth that is capable of sustaining all of God’s creatures in style.

Secondary Scientific Flaws

On Temperature Variation: Whether or not global warming is real, the rise in temperature of a single degree centigrade over the past 100 years is well within the normal range of averages for the past two million years, so what is the problem? Accepting this increase as a valid scientific finding, the daily temperature variation over any 24-hour period when raised a single degree is spitting in the atmospheric ocean. If it raised another single degree over the next 100 years, would it be worth taxing ourselves into the poor-house?

According to EPA scientists the increase in temperature of one degree centigrade is man’s fault. Man is the polluter. Man’s industries and the development of modern societies are man’s fault, and man should clean up the mess. Hello EPA: What mess?

On Carbon: The gas receiving the most attention recently is carbon (C2O), a most evil pollutant when it is found in elevated quantities in the atmosphere. It is not so evil when it is captured in the soil. For instance, from the viewpoint of green plants, atmospheric carbon is an essential life giving ingredient. Remove all carbon from the atmosphere, and green plants die. This is the EPA’s scientific perspective. Like Goldilocks, the EPA wants their atmospheric soup to be not too hot, not too cold, but just right. And they believe they have both the power and authority to control all or a big part of the world’s atmosphere. Lots of luck!

The scientific flaw here is self-evident. While coal burning electric plants and the evil cars and trucks emit huge quantities of carbon into the atmosphere, the same carbon is essential to all green plants, trees, corn, carrots, magnolias and honey suckles. Carbon is an integral part of the life cycle of most all living organisms, plants, animals, cows and humans.

On the Global Greenhouse: The EPA scientists should all know that atmospheric pollutants are blended into a single, homogenous mixture which circulates around the planet like day and night. In this huge blender what is emitted into the air by the U.S., Mexico, China, India, and all third world countries becomes a single malt in short order. Some pollutants dissipate more quickly, while others last a longer period of time in the atmosphere. EPA scientists have also calculated that the U.S. may be responsible for as much as 20% of the world’s pollution. For shame!

From a scientific perspective, how is it possible for a 20% polluter to control the emissions of the other 80% in the globe’s huge atmospheric blender? Hello EPA scientists: it’s not possible. With punitive license fees on U.S. farmers we could then off-shore cattle production to Australia or China, or Brazil, and within days the off-shoring pollution is again back in the country. We will add another cost component to beef through overseas shipping costs, and we will have gained nothing, except a few national permitting fees. The pollution is back, and what have we gained through science?

On Cattle Pollution: The EPA might make the case that the particular pollutants emitted by cattle are vastly more dangerous then atmospheric carbon. What really sets cows apart from coal and cars is the nature of their emissions, methane gas (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Methane gas is 20 times more evil than carbon in trapping heat on the earth, while nitrous oxide is 300 times more evil than carbon. The evil cow, all her relatives, and the other evil farm animals are finally being charged with crimes against humanity through endangering us all.

From a scientific perspective, it is significant that these two sources of pollutants have actually decreased over the past 10-15 years, thanks to more efficient farming methods, and improved cattle nutrition. These actual reductions may be thanks to agricultural research, no thanks to EPA’s pollution scientists. What the EPA wants is more money to fund their internal operations, a revenue stream to support EPA science.

While the emissions in the Unites States account for about a fifth of the world’s total of these gasses, placing a stupid tax upon the country’s farmers will put them at a world-wide disadvantage. The cost of American beef will increase, making foreign beef more competitive. When American beef becomes too expensive, we will offshore more beef, milk, pork, cheese and leather production to foreign countries that have no taxes on food. American farmers will be poorer, cattle raising will improve in Brazil, and the net result of emissions will remain the same or increase with population growth.

On Endangerment: When actual atmospheric pollution through the Clean Air Act can not be extended to control the world, the EPA may call upon their authority to prevent endangerment to public health. This endangerment is not limited to human health, but endangerment to the health and survival of all of God’s creatures. In this regard think Endangered Species Act, a 1972 act designed to protect the world’s ecosystems for all creatures.

The EPA believes it has the authority to establish absolute limits on atmospheric pollutants measured as parts per million (PPM) anywhere in the country. Whenever specific pollutants exceeds these limits, like on the farm, the EPA could establish controls, restrictions, or apply additional licensing fees in the name of health endangerment. Given the flaws in the EPA’s science to date, extending additional permitting fees to covers cows, bulls, steers and pigs is submitting to the Wizard of Oz. The curtain needs to be pulled back on this wizard, exposing his science for what it is.

In the name of endangerment, the snail darter in California is one of the least of these elevated by environmentalists to warrant special protection. In its wisdom the Supreme Court ruled that the snail darter was not known to exist anywhere except in California, was not an interstate creature, and was therefore not covered under protection of the EPA, a federal agency. Sorry, snail darter. Sorry EPA scientists.

As protectors of the world’s atmosphere through science, the EPA’s targeting of cattle and selling permits to farm is at best a ruse to collect funds in the name of science. Their science is philosophically flawed, demonstrably ineffective, and economically misguided. In effect it will raise the cost of food, discourage farming by increasing the cost of operation, and drive cattle production off shore. At the same time the earth’s air quality will remain exactly the same. Go figure this science!

An EPA Accomplishment: The EPA has been supremely effective in brainwashing most politicians with the help of Al Gore, the media and Hollywood. The best example is on the front page of the USA Today (Jan 23, 2009) by Dan Vergano:

Tree Deaths Soar in Western USA
“Tree deaths spurred by global warming have more than doubled in older forests across the western states, federal scientists reported Thursday. Droughts and pests brought on by warmer temperatures have killed ……..Very likely the mortality rate will continue to climb……. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change….states that temperatures will probably rise from 3 to 7 degrees in the current century…………”

Here is another inane prediction. And this all happened because of a one degree increase in the temperature of the world over what period of time??? Baloney!! There is no science on which to base this preposterous nonsense. It is precisely such unadulterated cow manure that is at the heart of public propaganda, and the media reporters have no idea which end of the cow emits the worst pollutants. The public has been scared into world-wide anxiety through such baseless reporting.

The world’s most flawed science may be that advocated by the EPA and associated henchmen. And the worst may be to come! The initial announcement published in July was under the Bush administration! Obama’s EPA director, Lisa Jackson and Energy Czar Carol Browner could make Bush’s EPA look like child’s play.

May God help us all!

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