America’s goose

Is America Obama’s Goose to be picked clean and sent to the slaughter house, or is Obama America’s Goose who will be returned to Chicago’s underbelly?

Eight months after Obama’s election (August 2009)    Never before in the past seven decades has there been such a severe disconnect between the people and the government of the people.  While we have a representative government, those who currently represent the people’s business in Washington are so busy representing themselves and their own special interests that the voters who appear on the scene every two, four, or six years appear to be completely irrelevant. 

          For the first time in seventy years (one long lifetime), we have a novice president who came out of nowhere and believes that his words for change in the way Washington does business is a mandate to dismantle America and the American dream, or as Obama says “to rebuild America brick by brick.”  Obama is well on his way to achieving that goal.  While the generous voters across the country believed they were electing an individual with a plan for improving America, what they received is a extremist on the left of his own party and a collection of Chicago-style bullies who will stop at nothing to implement what they believe is their mandate.  

          For the first time in seven decades Americans’ freedoms are on the drawing board to be sliced and diced by big brother in Washington who believes that his vision of America is the change we voted for.  There are clear changes that should be made in Washington, and for the first time in decades the man on the street is angry that he is no longer being represented honestly.  His voice is not being heard by those he elected to represent him.  We have arrived at a time of pure divide and conquer, us and them, left and right, rich and poor, haves and have-nots, Rs and Ds, the leaders and the led, the strong and the weak, the abusers and their victims.  Middle Americans have been left out of this dialog.  Today, middle Americans are paying attention for the first time in seven decades. 

          The angry outbursts of the past week (August 1-10, 2009) have been coming to a boil since Joe the plumber spoke up several months ago.  The American people are so busy surviving the current economic downturn that they have ignored the insurrection that is well underway in Washington.  The deficit, the stimulus, government banks and government motors, the anti-American Waxman-Markey energy bill, and finally Obama’s Free Health Care for all have managed to divert the voter’s attention from their survival instincts, and they are mad as hell.  The Obama administration believes there are no reasonable limits on a government’s generosity.  They believe the economy is a huge, monolithic titan which will withstand all insults and will continue to produce goods and services regardless of any personal reality. 

          While America is in chaos, Obama and his Chicago Mobsters are giving away the store.  America’s wealth is being destroyed, the incentives to succeed are being extracted from those who wish to get ahead.  Those with a capacity to invest in America’s future are being threatened with confiscatory taxes.  The central message from our novice president is to demonize and destroy the only institutions in our great country that continue to work well. 

          Obama and the democrats have targeted virtually every American institution for better or worse.  Fall in line with the Obama crowd, or fall out of favor.  The community organizers are first in line for government favors and government money.  ACORN (which is no longer ACORN) and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) come across like jack-boot thugs, and do what they believe to be Obama’s will.  This coalition of minorities (legal and illegal) and do-gooders will be monitoring the census with ramifications for the next several decades. 

          Greed has been targeted as the primary symptom of that which is wrong with America.  Obama states that Wall Street’s greed and a lack of regulation produced the current crisis.  The crisis originated within his own liberal party through brow-beating banks with threats of discrimination against lending to minorities (read blacks) through the Community Reinvestment of Act of 1977.  Most recently Barney Frank has continued the same inane policies through encouraging banks to re-finance failed loans to the same folks who drove us into financial collapse in the first place.  We are currently re-working failed loans and the re-failure rate is running as high as 50% second time failures. 

        Ann Rand’s Atlas Shrugged of the 1940s has come to full bloom seventy years after the last great depression.  The country has been divided between those who wish to get ahead through individual effort and hard work, and those who believe the American Dream does not need to be earned, but is a human right to be bestowed on all individuals.   When wealth is demonized and punished through even greater taxation, America’s wealth will disappear. 

The view today:  April 27, 2012

         The permanent damage done to America through Obama’s first term is inestimable (April 27, 2012).  In the name of tax fairness, his campaign against producers and all wealth in America is on his drawing board, and there appears to be no limit to which the fair share must be enlarged to cover his out of control government spending.  The middle class is totally ignorant of the extent to which covering Obama’s deficit must be lowered from the 1% to the masses who still work for a living.  The workforce under Obama has shrunk by millions, yet his spending is on an escalator to the sky. 

         One of his campaign promises was that he would cut the annual deficit in half by the end of his first term of office.  This is Obama’s great lie, and is emblematic of his totally deceptive first term in office.  To believe anything this President says is an exercise in pure foolishness.

        A second term in office virtually assures the final destruction of America’s Dream.  Even the Latinos from south of the border are returning to their country.  And this is still his first term!! 

Hello!!  Are America’s good folks listening, or have they been taken in by the promise of a free lunch for everybody?  America’s future hangs on the results of the next election.

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