Obama’s goose

In the beginning, Barack Re-created the Heavens and the Earth

        This site is a personal project on Barack Hussein Obama as the next president of the United States, his term or terms in office, his character, his alliances and associates, his politics, and the substance and consequences of his less than accomplished record to date.  With this posting, November 4, 2008, his election is today, and could appropriately be attributed to a fawning media of leftist reporters who by design display only his Hollywood image, and deliberately refuse to publish any suggestion of flaws in his resume or his character.  The voters are also complicit in his election by his appeal to change without examining what his change means in most respects.  Much of what happens in Washington D.C. should be changed, no thanks to either major party. 

        There is every suggestion that both Barack and Michelle harbor an undercurrent of resentment of success in America and the many traditions that make America great.  Barack is bent on leveling the playing field for poor Americans in the name of fairness, regardless of demographics.  Exactly where it says in the U. S. Constitution that the product of one man’s efforts must be shared with others is a mystery. While immigrants flock to this country for its freedom of opportunity, the newly to-be-elected leader of the free world is busy redefining America as an evil place requiring change as a measure of his perceived fairness doctrine.  His election amounts to mobilizing the workers against their own bosses and demonizing this great country and its economy, which is the goose that lays the golden egg. 

       Barack’s acceptance speech in Colorado’s Greek temple was a spectacle reminiscent of Hollywood.  Unfortunately, the presidency is not in Hollywood, and leadership of the free world is not a stage play.  America’s enemies are real, serious, and are not about to be swayed by an individual who waffles on the most fundamental of issues. 

       These websites, Obamasgoose.com and Baracksgoose.com are inspired by many who have blogged that his goose has already been cooked many times.  To the contrary, Obama’s goose is racing to the White House where Michelle can be proud of her country for the second time in her adult life.  Barack and Michelle appear to have grown up and lived in a totally different country than many of us remember.  

        Obama’s blind and ardent followers are being led much as the Pied Piper led rats to their death.  What remains to be seen is whether he can implement change for the good of the country, or whether his policies of redistributing wealth, undermining individual workers’ rights, and his anti-business and trade policies will destroy this great country through destroying its economy.  Every indication before he enters office suggests the latter, that America’s goose may be cooked for good.  With friends like these, who needs enemies? 

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