Facebook is Lopsided!

Liberal spin doctors

Jessica Guynn on her broom

Jessica Guynn on her broom

Just when you think the gender wars are over, female activist journalists mount  their brooms and start circling Silicon Valley.  These unmanned drones are alleging gender and racial bias in employment across the high tech industry.  According to Jessica Guynn, senior technology writer who flies for USA Today, The face of Facebook is male, white; Diversity is sorely lacking in staff (USA TODAY June 26, 2014). Jessica states that the tech industry’s jobs should look like their customer base, rather than the white male playbook they all seem to agree upon.

After several Money Section articles document this alleged discrimination, the USA Today publishes an opinion piece entitled; In Silicon Valley, old boys networks undercut diversity (USA Today, July 16, 2014). This opinion piece supports Guynn’s statement that “The lopsided numbers are just the latest from a major Silicon Valley company that paints a stark picture of an industry sector dominated by white men and are sure to escalate an already heated debate over the lack of diversity in the tech industry.”

Jessica does sweep-up some nice data which she believes supports her allegations.  While she mixes and matches race and gender, the following figures are the basis on which she mounts her broom and circles Silicone Valley, epicenter of this escalating debate.

Tech firm employment by gender

Tech jobs and gender

Tech firm employment by race

Tech jobs and race


Facebook was started just over 10 years ago by four male students at Harvard. In this short period they have developed a worldwide customer base of over 1.2 billion users.  Does this sound like a company out of touch?  Through most of this time it was a privately held corporation with no obligation to share information on its employees. After going public in 2012 the information on Facebook’s employment looks like a clone of the other three social media employers based upon gender and race. If this makes the tech industry an old boys network, then carve one notch on Jessica’s broom.

When one discovers an incredibly similar headcount of jobs across four different companies the first thing Jessica should do is to get off her broom and figure out why this similarity is so clear.  Is this a case of racial and gender bias in hiring (i.e. An old boys’ network) or are there clear and convincing reasons for the pattern discovered?

The disparity shown clearly in both figures is explained quite well in one short paragraph in USA Today’s opposing view of the old boys’ network. It follows verbatim:

“Last year, only 0.4% of freshmen college women said they were majoring in computer science.”   Jessica: That is not even 4%, but is only 4/10ths of one percent!  Flying a broom does not qualify women as computer geeks, and somehow the hiring authorities in the tech companies understand this basic fact.

The opposing view continues in the same short paragraph:  “In 12 states, not a single African-American high school student took the advanced placement exam for computer science; the same was true of Latino students in eight states.”  Technically qualified black and Hispanic job applicants appear to be scarce as hen’s teeth.  Jessica: Hens do not have teeth.

The IT Industry Council president continues:  “Until those numbers move, an entire generation risks missing out on good paying jobs, and the tech industry will miss out on the unique experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce“.

The Antidote

Get off your broom and smell the bad news. Diversity is not a qualification for employment, nor is looking like a customer base. Diversity is the drumbeat of brain dead liberal journalists who write mighty essays on the inequities in the world without the first clue about the specific requirements of jobs. Without a shred of evidence, they continue to fly their brooms.

Jessica’s yellow brick road into the old boys’ network does not lead to the Emerald City.  Techies should keep a bucket of water handy if she flies by again.

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