Diversity: The cure-all solution

When Jessica Guynn mounts her broom you can bet that women and other minorities (?) have been badly abused in the workplace.  USA Today’s Facebook’s lack of diversity blamed for fake accounts (11/6/2017) is the latest charge that the Russians’ fake scam of the DNC would have been caught red-handed had there been more black employees on the Google payroll.  Jessica appears to be ignorant of the relevance of her own data in this, and earlier articles proclaiming the cure-all benefit of racial quotas (ie diversity in the workplace).  Earlier she was upset that females were not employed in the tech industries in appropriate numbers.

Giving data some relevance, she mentions that Google’s payroll shows 56% is white and only 2% is black.  This sleight of hand fails to acknowledge that 44%, of Google’s employees, including blacks, are minorities.  That racial balance smells a lot like diversity, 44% diverse.  In Jessica’s mind, just how much diversity does a payroll require to be diverse?  60%?  80%?  Forty-four percent minority is near parity for the United States.

If Jessica’s standard for diversity means the payroll racial distribution should match the society it serves, then a 44% minority is amazingly close.

Jessica’s earlier rant focused more on the good ole boys network discriminating against women and minorities in hiring.  In her earlier article, Facebook is lopsided, her data undermined her own words.  She included outstanding data from four tech giants and the gender and racial distribution of current employees.  Looking at high school and college preparation for technical employment, the following is quoted directly from the referenced reply:

“Last year (2014), only 0.4% of freshmen college women said they were majoring in computer science.” That is not even 4%, but is only 4/10ths of one percent!  Flying a broom does not qualify women as computer geeks, and somehow the hiring authorities in the tech companies understand this basic fact.
The opposing view continues in the same short paragraph:  “In 12 states, not a single African-American high school student took the advanced placement exam for computer science; the same was true of Latino students in eight states.”  Technically qualified black and Hispanic job applicants appear to be scarce as hen’s teeth.
The IT Industry Council president continues:  “Until those numbers move, an entire generation risks missing out on good paying jobs, and the tech industry will miss out on the unique experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce“.

But here we are again several years later expecting dramatic changes in the school preparation of women and minority students for jobs in the tech industries.  Maybe if we just put pressure on the hiring authorities in the tech industry, they would see the light and find well qualified women and minority applicants with technical skills.

If only the HR offices in the tech industries used magic wands, – everything would come out smelling just right.  When Google goofs is a more recent response to allegations of continuing bias by the good ole boys network.  Seems the folks circling on brooms are spinning out of control.

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