When Google goofs

Just when you think the gender wars are over, five female journalists mount their brooms and start circling Silicon Valley. Their debate over alleged bias hiring women in the tech industry has been smoldering since 2014, thanks to Jessica Guynn, USA Today technical journalist.  Three years later a manifesto, of all things, is unearthed through an internal Google document. (Google manifesto fuels sexism debate, USA Today 8/11/2017).

This manifesto presumes to establish what they have been saying for years!  Its author is fired, not because of anything he said, but because he was pushing a female stereotype.  We all know that stereotypes were outlawed with the Salem witch trials.  Ladies, you can all dismount your brooms now.  No more stereotypes!  With equality through diversity nowadays, anyone can have a child, or a broom.  Everything is equal now.  OK!!

This nothing-burger is reminiscent of Winston Churchill’s statement that “a lie gets half-way around the world before the truth can get its pants on.”  Essentially nothing in the piece reveals any bias in hiring anywhere within the tech companies.  The essence of the argument is that equality is all that matters, and equality is based upon population frequencies somewhere in the world.

Did any of these many journalists ever interview a tech professional personnel office?  Of course not!  Their information would destroy these articles and remove journalist’s yellow brick road to the Emerald City.

Five journalists almost found valid data from another Jessica, Jessica Rovello, CEO of Arkadium, who said that “it will take years, if not decades to have gender parity in the workplace.  But with small steps we move forward.”  She attributes the disparity to deep sociological change that needs to happen over time.  Whether the need is to correct a bias or improve female technical qualifications she doesn’t say.  In the mean-time, bias remains rampant against women, blacks, and Hispanics across all tech companies, while white and Asian men cry all the way to the bank.

The data-driven disparity is described with such clarity in Facebook is lopsided that it is duplicated here for all to see, including the antidote:

The disparity is explained quite well in a few very short statements in USA Today’s opposing view reported in Lopsided by Guynn:

“Last year (2013?), only 0.4% of freshmen college women said they were majoring in computer science.”

Jessica: That is not even 4%, but is only 4/10ths of one percent!  Flying a broom does not qualify women as computer geeks, and somehow the hiring authorities in the tech companies understand this basic fact.  This goose egg does not see the light of day in the current article.

The opposing view continues in the same short paragraph:

“In 12 states, not a single African-American high school student took the advanced placement exam for computer science; the same was true of Latino students in eight states.”  Technically qualified black and Hispanic job applicants may be as scarce as qualified females.

The IT Industry Council president continues: “Until those numbers move, an entire generation risks missing out on good paying jobs, and the tech industry will miss out on the unique experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce“.

The Antidote

Jessica! get off your broom and smell the bad news. Diversity is not a qualification for employment, nor is looking like a customer base. Diversity is the drumbeat of brain-dead journalists who write mighty essays on inequities in tech employment without the first concern about requirements of tech jobs. Without a shred of evidence, they continue to fly their brooms and broadcast misinformation.

Jessica’s yellow brick road into the old boys’ network does not lead to the Emerald City.  Techies should keep a bucket of water handy if she flies by again.

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