Assorted albums

Picture albums of ancestors and random friends, as pictured below, are on display from modern and ancient times and places.  From fourteen albums, you are bound to like one, each just a click away.


The Boondocks In Wilbur by the Sea, just south of Daytona Beach, we discovered the most distinctive open-air restaurant called Boondocks.  In the Boondocks you are served the best fresh fish, special sauce, and other vittles imaginable.  It is almost as nice in pictures.
Eagle on the Fourth While looking out my office window onto Cypress Knoll’s 13th t-box, I discovered a broad-winged hawk sitting on the left wing of my bronze eagle wind finder.  What followed was even more startling.
Street Characters Traveling throughout the world, we discovered street characters who entertain, beg, earn a living, and occasionally extort.  Pictures of many are here.
Kansas Scenic State Highway 18 At one time Kansas State Highway 18 was almost a straight shot from Junction City to Palco.  To spruce it up, a number of folks decided to make it a scenic highway with artistic displays and relics from history.
Kobler Ancestry These Western Kansas homesteaders from Penokee multiplied and helped settle the west.
Steeples Ancestry The Steeples from around Palco, Kansas left their marks and continue to be a presence in the area.
Florida’s Flagler Beach in Pictures  If you are interested in a beach that is not over crowded, over-run, and over-booked, Flagler Beach is that place.
Trapped on Alligator Alley On one of our first trips to the swampy South Florida, Alligator Alley is shown here in pictures.
Bike Week Beauties Bike week is a must-see one time, cause there ain’t anything quite like it, except maybe Sturgis.  See it here.
Bailey / Taylor Album I.W. Bailey homesteaded in Western Kansas in the 1870’s. After proving his claim, he moved back to Indiana and started a family, and a career in the Baptist ministry.
I. W. Bailey: Frontier Preacher This is the digital record of I.W. Bailey from his simultaneous pastorates from 1903 to 1910 at three churches in Western Kansas, Protection, Coldwater, and Wilmore.  This digital record was collected about 100 years after his service.  He traveled the area by buggy or horseback as needed.
Bailey Homestead These pictures are of the Bailey family in their South Kiowa County homestead where they had two additional children, Gertrude and Lowell.
Marie’s Roots When a 14 year old young lady visits Scotland and spends an obligatory night in Settles, an insignificant little town in NW England, she wonders aloud why her name couldn’t be London, or Paris.
Matt Discovers Kansas On his first trip to Kansas (from New Jersey) Matt finds the Eisenhower residence in Abeline, and fascinating stuff on the way to real farmland.

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