Obama’s gulf oil spill

Liberal Letter (USA Today, Tuesday, June 15, 2010):
Oil spill disaster points to nation’s deeper problem
. . . . . Obama is probably the greatest advocate out there for economic and environmental regulation. If anything, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be a sign that we need more governmental regulation and, if need be, more taxes to pay for it. Even if Obama shifted course tomorrow and started implementing the plan Romney outlined, the progress would be superficial. Until we have a “green” economy and an alternative to oil, another ecological disaster is just around the corner.
. . . . . Honestly, I hope they never clean up the Gulf Coast. We should wear this spill like a black veil forever. If it takes a national catastrophe such as this to force us to fix the deeper issues of our dependence on foreign oil and the environmental toll of mining and using fossil fuels, I’d call that a net gain. And I would thank the Gulf Coast for taking one for the team. Brian Ritter: Los Angeles

The Antidote
. . . . . As the greatest advocate for economic and environmental regulation, our community organizer has no idea which way to turn in an emergency. While his henchmen claim to be on the oil spill like a duck on a June bug from day one, the Wizard is offered assistance by 13 foreign governments to help clean up the spill. Unfortunately the Jones Act forbids foreign ships from operating in US waters without union labor. Sorry environmentalists, the unions are more important than cleaning up the planet. Strike one, Obama, our great environmental advocate.
. . . . . In order to find out whose ass to kick, our community organizer assembles a panel of eight oil field engineers. They make many specific recommendations and sign off on their recommendations. After they leave the room, the Wizard adds to their list a six month moratorium on all offshore drilling. The experts complain that this is not one of their recommendations, but the Wizard knows best. For a president who says he is producing jobs, he just sent tens of thousands of folks with good jobs packing. Our Wizard says “Give them all unemployment insurance and charge it to the taxpayers”. Strike two, Obama. You really help the economy with all of this unemployment insurance.
. . . . . With the six month moratorium and the unemployment, the rig owners can’t allow their rigs to sit idle for months. George Soros and friends need a lot of oil drilling in Brazil and elsewhere. When the rigs move to Brazil or Cuba or Venezuela, less oil will be produced by the United States, and we will become more dependent upon foreign oil. How come our dependence on foreign oil just went up? Our Wizard’s economic and environmental policies are working just great. Strike three, Obama.

. . . . . Obama and his progressive henchmen have found themselves in the Land of Oz. The curtain has been pulled back and they are all clearly revealed turning cranks and projecting images as fast as the media will report them. Unfortunately for America, the mighty one has chosen to cast himself as the Wizard in a field where the government has precious little expertise, fewer resources, and his (their) knee-jerk political reactions produce all the usual wrong responses.
. . . . . A responsible leader of the world’s greatest economy would have called the CEO of British Petroleum the day of the spill in order to discover who and what he was dealing with. After 50+ days our Wizard has still not met with or talked to those pulling the strings at BP.
. . . . . Instead, he has fiddled while Rome burned many weeks. While his henchmen have indicated that they have been in charge from day one, what they have achieved is to refuse to allow Dutch ships (resources) to assist with the cleanup. They have shut down the employment of all those drilling in the gulf. They have announced a lawsuit to criminalize all those evil folks who may be responsible for the accident. They have promised an escrow fund designed to make all those injured whole through government control. The Wizard, himself, describes his reluctance to talk to the CEO of BP because, based upon his depth of corporate experience as a community organizer and lawyer, he knows exactly what the CEO will say in advance. The CEO will say all the right things, and these are just words. What the Wizard wants is action, not words. Turn those cranks. Flashing lights might provide appropriate distraction.
. . . . . Having delayed and demonized all the major players who could be of assistance in phase one of the spill (mopping up actual oil), the Wizard has gone on to phase three of a new federal program which will prevent this from ever happening again. The Wizard is going to go “green” today, and convert the industrialized world into an eco-friendly paradise that will save the planet. The Wizard’s master plan is to turn this catastrophe into a magnificent transformation of the planet through cap and trade, tax and spend, demonize and decimate, and divert real wealth from those who produce to those who don’t. When looking for the right ass to kick, the Wizard should look straight at any mirror.
. . . . . As a lawyer, the Wizard is hell-bent on extracting a pound of flesh (escrow account) even before the spill is capped, and the full extent of the damage can be assessed. Ignoring the illegality of this corporate extortion, the Wizard’s demonization can drive BP (and the oil industry?) into eventual bankruptcy. By doing so he will lose all future compensation through any BP resources, and the ultimate compensation for damage will fall upon, you guessed it, the payer of last resort – the US taxpayer.
. . . . . The net result will be to make the country more dependent upon foreign oil. Isn’t this what the liberal letter writer wants? Most liberal letter writers are eerily like the Wizard, turning mythical cranks and projecting images of how paradise on the planet will be, when what we have is one Wizard and two teleprompters.
. . . . . Wait until Washington’s Democratic legislators start writing the law to save the planet. How many pages will that take?
. . . . . The real antidote to the Wizard’s seditious political leadership is to recognize what is going on behind the curtain. It is not pretty!

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