Fair wages or not?

Liberal Words (Quotation from Fox News, June 23, 2010):
. . . . . Good employers that abide by the law should not suffer the consequences of those businesses engaged in a race to the bottom. Consider the lost advantage to U.S. workers when unscrupulous employers purposely pass them over to hire workers who are afraid to file a complaint about not being paid the minimum wage or often not being paid at all. …. Second, no employer should gain an economic edge by hiring undocumented individuals who feel that they must accept working conditions below those required by law. (Labor Department press release)
. . . . . “You work hard, and you have the right to be paid fairly. And it is a serious problem when workers in this country are not being paid every cent they earn. Remember, every worker in America has the right to be paid fairly, whether documented or not.” Hilda Solis: Labor Department, Washington D.C.
. . . . . Solis is a former four term congressman from California (no surprise there), and a respected designee in Malkin’s Culture of Corruption. This ad campaign appears to be turning the Labor Department into a sanctuary nation through non-enforcement of federal labor laws. Legally employed non-citizens are required to carry documents. This would seem to be a primary condition by law and department regulation for employment of immigrants. Solis’ diversionary reasoning focuses upon the primary evil of employers who allegedly do so deliberately, ignoring the requirement of documentation.
. . . . . Is a license to work (a green card) any different from a license to drive on the highways? On being pulled over for a driving violation, the first thing requested is a driver’s license. The failure to produce a driver’s license becomes the second offense, and is not swept under the carpet by an honest policeman. Producing an invalid driver’s license would become a third violation.
. . . . . Solis would sweep all such violations under the carpet and blame it on the many devils in America, those greedy businessmen.

The Antidote
. . . . . Hello!! Those who are here illegally should be afraid to blow the whistle! It is a perfectly appropriate human response for those who violate the country’s sovereignty.
. . . . . A standard employment agreement in the Labor Department includes something like the following: “I understand that, as a condition of employment, I will be required to provide legal proof of authorization to work in the U.S.” (A green card)
. . . . . It is further understood that non-citizens, who are here here legally, must carry this work authorization on them at all times. Federal officials are entitled to verify the legality of those who are employed.
. . . . . As for Solis, I have a perfectly appropriate and completely legal solution to this problem of evil. Round up all the evil doers, and administer the country’s laws fairly and equally across the board whether documented or not. This includes employers, workers, and government appointees in the Labor Department.
. . . . . As a fitting bit of poetic justice, charge Solis with failure to honor her oath of office by refusing to enforce the laws within her own Labor Department, and then fire her for targeting America’s small businesses for punishment while ignoring the clear violations of non-citizens.

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