Pelosi’s job bank

Liberal Words
. . . . . “Unemployment benefits inject demand into the economy”, Pelosi said. “When families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.” Pelosi said the aid has the “double benefit” of helping those who lost their jobs and acting as a “job creator” on the side.

. . . . . One might even add to this incredible job creator the double whammy of welfare benefits, food stamps, union job banks (formerly at GM) where workers are given a full salary to do nothing, and a special place to do it?? With the accumulated retirement funds from GM, Social Security’s Trust Fund, 401k’s, and other pockets of unlimited economic wealth, the entire country might possibly live on the fat of the land for years to come. I wonder if it is really necessary for anybody to actually work in our new economy, make their mortgage payments, and support a growing family. What a safety net!!!
. . . . . One is reminded of the high tech boom of the 1990s in which it was actually stated, and many believed, that successful businesses did not need to make a profit in order to be successful. It follows that it is not necessary for an individual to work to get ahead. It is only necessary to find the proper government program to grow your lifestyle.
. . . . . Now let’s see! Wasn’t this exact system already tried over several decades in the Soviet Union? Actually working was not a requirement to receive a government check. All the checks were exactly the same regardless of individual effort, and those who received the same check for doing nothing were happier than those who worked for the same check? What is not advertised is that those who were able bodied and refused to work were given a choice between one way transportation to Siberia or a firing squad.
. . . . . The next step after unemployment benefits is welfare queens, Ponzi schemes, and evil corporations like Enron where select folks get rich beyond belief through gaming the system just before it collapses. But our expanding government, of course, is going to close the evil loopholes through more regulation, except for Fannie and Freddie, Obamacare, Cap and Trade, and other government examples of avoiding work.
. . . . . Behind Nancy’s vacuous stare, is there any evidence at all that a useful substance exists between her ears?

The Antidote
. . . . . Nancy is living in the Land of Oz where the Wizard, Obama, and his limitless band of Munchkins perform all the useful work that needs to be done. His safety net covers all contingencies for all Main Street Americans (whoever they are) through government coffers. Exactly who are the folks who provide the limitless resources for such a safety net? Oh! Yes. This is Nancy’s new trickle-up economic theory. Wealth trickles up from those who are resting in the safety net.
. . . . . Hello!! There is no antidote for folks whose brains are so dysfunctional as to believe such garbage. Most of them head straight to Washington, although they are scattered liberally across the country. They tend to cluster in the larger cities to avoid the bitter folks who live in the heartland, grow most of the food, and cling to their guns and bibles. What a pure crock! Liberal crock!

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