Journalism schools needs government assistance!!

Liberal Words
. . . . . “The institutions of the press we have inherited are the result of a mixed system of public and private cooperation. Trusting the market alone to provide all the news coverage we need would mean venturing into the unknown-a risky proposition with a vital public institution hanging in the balance.” Lee Bollinger: President, Columbia University (WSJ 7/14/2010)

. . . . . In the face of the widespread loss of readership, it is fascinating that the President of Columbia University appeals to the government for a bailout of journalists. Trusting the markets has taken us where we are today with a media (occasionally referred to as the mainstream media) that has suffered a serious loss of readership. Could this be because the media no longer provides the news coverage we need?
. . . . . In the old days journalists provided balanced coverage including the pros and cons of newsworthy issues. Today’s journalists are in bed with the current administration to the extent that newsworthy issues are not even reported. The best illustration of this is 13-year California Congressman Brad Sherman’s town hall meeting with reference to the Black Panther’s voter intimidation case. Rep. Sherman stated: “As to the Black Panther Party, I am not aware of that case.” How is it possible for a seasoned congressman to be unaware of this event on which there is videotape evidence of this clear violation? (The answer is: It was only reported on Fox News and the internet)
. . . . . Some of the public has been aware of this crime since election day in November 2008, as well as Eric Holder’s Justice Department sweeping the case under the carpet. For 20 months this representative from California has not heard of this case? Does the news not reach California? Does Rep. Sherman not watch the news? Is he living in California’s bubble, a greenhouse in which crime is simply not reported? Or is he living in the bubble in Washington DC, the dysfunctional center of our Federal Government where 2,000 page laws that nobody reads are passed every month or so?
. . . . . The answer is that most media journalists have an incestuous relationship with the current administration and won’t even report serious crimes to the public. And these same journalists now want government money not to report the news?
. . . . . Hello!!!

The Antidote
. . . . . The simple antidote for California Rep. Brad Sherman (D) is the Tea Party, assuming that such folks are allowed to enter and vote in the state at election time.
. . . . . For Schools of Journalism the antidote is to require all students to watch three hours of Fox News every day as preparation for responsible, market-based reporting. Watching Fox News is completely free, and requires no government assistance. What a model!!!

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