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Liberal Words
. . . . . I thank USA TODAY for highlighting the plight of the disabled in this era of imposed austerity. I, like many others who are the “most vulnerable” but least powerful, will bear the costs when services are reduced (States cut funds for disabled,” News, Friday).
. . . . . I ask: What kind of country will America become if it further allocates wealth to the rich, removes what few safety nets remain for the disadvantaged, and marginalizes others who play no active, productive, and profit enriching role in the economic order? Is the forthcoming America to be devoid of social consciousness?
. . . . . It seems that for today and the foreseeable future, a dynasty of financial and business managers will engineer our sinking ship from Wall Street, commanding people to shout: “Defeat the debt, shrink the deficit, bolster the bond markets, shrink government spending and lower taxes.” The measure of that civilization is: “Man the lifeboats! The rich and powerful go first.”
. . . . . We should reappraise our country, its ethos and morality. These cuts are inarguably indicative of a culture that is morally degenerating. Michael T. Bucci: Damariscotta, Maine: USA TODAY letters to the editor August 10, 2010.

. . . . . This pathetic letter is from an individual who wants us to believe that he, personally, will bear the costs of any alleged service reductions. He is standing courageously on the tracks in front of an oncoming train, while he protests alleged inequities and injustices in America. These cuts, he says, reveal America’s moral degeneration. If he offered one shred of evidence to support his impending doom, like identifying which parts of the safety net have already been removed, he might be excused for his excesses.
. . . . . As one who is reasonably familiar with America’s safety net, this particular liberal writer appears to be completely out of touch with America’s most vulnerable. America’s safety net is vast, broad, deep, and permanent. These “most vulnerable” have far better short-term and long-term security than the many millions of hard working Americans who are out of jobs, and are surviving through business and government supported unemployment insurance, – until that expires. Any cuts reported are probably a reduction in projected state budgetary increases in the safety net. The result is no reduction in benefits at all, except in the minds of those with an axe to grind, like liberal letter writers who prefer to blame America first. Only our politicians are able to report cuts (in a budget) which actually amount to an increase in expenditures, and do so with a straight face.
. . . . . The statement that “America allocates wealth to the rich” is a fairy tale like the goose that lays a golden egg. America’s wealth does not come through owning a goose, but through working and earning in a free society. The writer completely ignores the insidious role of governments in the country’s flagging economy. America’s wealth is not generated by federal, state, or local governments which extract their revenue from the working, wealth-producing portion of the economy.
. . . . . When the writer states “The rich and powerful go first” is he referring to our current President, wife, and children who, with hundreds in tow, are touring the world in Air Force One on their seventh vacation so far in 2010? Our redistributionist president is clearly suffering badly in America’s shrinking safety net.
. . . . . Hello, Most vulnerable Americans! Are Obama and family resting in America’s safety net? Tough job!

The Antidote:
. . . . . When armed with the facts, and by reading carefully between the lines, this most vulnerable person’s only compelling argument is that he “will (eventually) suffer the costs when services are reduced”.
. . . . . Any actual reduction in America’s safety net will occur when hell freezes over!
. . . . . The safety net is completely full of both funds and folks. It is only the American Treasury’s balance sheet that is busted. How long can workers in the private sector tread water, while the country’s most vulnerable loll on the beach?
. . . . . For a fair orientation on America’s safety net, prepare yourselves with a few of the startling facts at:

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