Outsourcing jobs

Liberal Words
. . . . . “There is no way to restore America’s competitive position in the world unless we put in place trade and tax policies that encourage companies to make things in America,” (AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, Plain Dealer, October 7, 2010) In implementing this position, the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act passed the Senate by a vote of 57 to 43.
. . . . . Made in America was a popular slogan after WWII when most everything bought in America was actually made in America. With the advent of global markets, global transportation, instant global communication, and global competitiveness for goods and services, America is no longer an island protected by two oceans from foreign competition. Trade policies being advocated by the unions include taxing or restricting imports of goods made overseas, or both. No doubt all things made in America should be made by union labor, requiring the usual application of union rules, wages, bargaining, and negotiating. It is precisely these union policies that brought bankruptcy to the auto industries, a trademark of being made in America.
. . . . . Our liberals in Washington just passed the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act. This act of stupidity increases taxes on companies that hire folks in foreign countries (offshoring), and reduces the taxes of companies that hire folks in the U.S. The logic of such stupidity is brought into the light of day in the Wall Street Journal (Obama and the politics of outsourcing, WSJ, October 12, 2010).
. . . . . According to actual data on employment from Dartmouth, those U.S. firms with foreign subsidiaries that hire one person overseas hire two additional folks in the U.S. to support the overseas operations during the same period of time. In this circumstance, it follows that if you want to increase employment in the U.S., you add two U.S. jobs for every overseas hire. Is this a net gain for the U.S., a two for one advantage?
. . . . . I guess it really depends on where you have your head buried. If you are clamoring for votes from the AFL-CIO you really don’t care about U.S. jobs. If you want jobs in the U.S. every overseas hire results in two more U.S. jobs. Exactly where are the Union heads buried? Answer: Still looking for Jimmy Hoffa.
The Antidote:
. . . . . Obama and his re-distributionist cronies have their heads buried so deeply into buying votes, they are unable to see the light of day. The only antidote is to get the government out of the free enterprise system. America’s corporations already pay among the highest tax rates in the world. Punishing those who are capable of competing internationally is an incredibly stupid policy, and on balance constricts job growth in the U.S.
. . . . . Hello! Obama and all Washington liberals. Are you there?
. . . . . Pull your collective heads out, and look for the sunshine. Connect the dots. Two jobs for one is an outstanding bargain.
. . . . . Oh! Sorry! I forgot. You really have to connect two dots to come to this conclusion.

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