Hunters and hamburgers

Liberal letter
.    The above perceptions, in order, are that hunters are shameful folks who kill animals for food. One should probably include farmers and ranchers, turkey farms and brooder houses that grow chickens for their meat. Then there are those who fish for sport, fishermen who make a living fishing and even fish farms that raise huge numbers of fish for market. All these evil folks should go to the store where meat is made, and no harm comes to the animals.
.    The second perception is that meat is somehow made in a store, which requires no hunting, or shooting, or fishing, or growing, or catching. There are, it appears, both proper and shameful ways to get your meat. The stores are pristine, while the hunters and farmers and ranchers and fishermen are simply the cruelest form of humanity. They are all harming animals for food. Is mankind the source of evil in this person’s mind?
.    One should probably consider the possibility of hunting for entertainment, hunting for sport, or hunting for survival. It may well be that hunting and guns are the source of the perceived evil for this writer. No doubt this writer would be shocked at the thought of being hunted for food, – by animals.
.    There is a high probability the writer was poorly educated in our schools, was home schooled, lives in the city, is a female, has empathy for animals, and believes that meat in the stores is from animals who were never harmed. The picture on the right is therapy, and shows hamburger that has not been harmed. I have a grand-daughter who once said she would never eat anything that comes out of the ocean. She undoubtedly does, and is not aware of it.
.    This mindset is reminiscent of the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. To these three must be added and do no harm to any animal while I am watching. She likes her hamburger to come from contented cattle.
.    If the writer is an adult, there is probably not an antidote for this individual’s beliefs. If she votes it will be on the left, a candidate for membership in PETA, and a vegan at heart. She should work in an animal shelter.
.    The source of the letter is anonymous, but clearly published somewhere, like California. The underlines suggest it comes from the Tonight Show.
She’s a young thing who can not leave her mother, a committed democrat.

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