Debt and the Tea Party

Liberal Words
We can thank the Tea Party movement, and its legislative lap-dog the Republican Party, for a major contribution to downgrading our nation’s debt rating.  Standard and Poor’s (sic) said a major reason for the downgrade was the failure of congress to pass a bill targeting $4 trillion in debt reduction, the amount President Obama had asked for. In their zeal to defeat anything Obama supports, they demanded a package of barely $2 trillion, with no new revenue even from multi-millionaires.  The result is a loss for all of us, and harm to our nation’s reputation. Thanks, Tea Party/Republicans, for doing yet more damage to America.   (USA Today, August 9, 2011, Dennis Lees, Eugene, Oregon)   

Thanks, liberal letter writer, for this regurgitated propaganda from the Democratic playbook.  According to this reasoning the Tea Party called attention to the nation’s debt problem raising it onto the S and P’s radar, who then became aware of the fact that the nation has a debt problem.  Had the Tea Party simply passed a clean increase in the ceiling, which Obama asked for, the debt rating would have passed under their radar, and all would be just fine.  Hello!!!
.    The only problem with this reasoning, or lack thereof, is that the Tea Party is the newest kid on the block, an influence which did not exist before Obama’s election of hope and change.  The Tea Party is simply the messenger which balks at increasing the nation’s debt without the intervention of some clear thinking, for a change, in Washington.
The issue is debt, national debt, and since Obama’s election a huge increase in that debt as far as the eye can see.  Obama only agreed to send a boy to do a man’s job, and then only if the increase was extended beyond his own re-election.  Everything else he threatened to veto.
.    To blame the new kid on the block ignores the fact that the nation’s debt has been accumulating for the past 30-50 years.  Virtually every year an annual federal deficit is added to the nation’s long-term debt, and the folks with primary responsibility to control federal spending in Washington refuse to do anything about it.  This accumulating debt is the fault of most everybody in DC, and little evidence exists to suggest that anything of substance will ever be done about it.
.    Our federal government is currently operating without a budget as required by law.  Our debt increases are based primarily upon “entitlements”, which Obama refused to allow in the negotiations.  What is left is balancing the budget through “discretionary spending cuts”, a policy which requires the tail to wag the dog.
.    Standard and Poor’s folks are clearly caught in the dark ages, and believe the dog is supposed to wag the tail.  In Washington it doesn’t seem to work that way?
.    The Tea Party is wagging the entire federal government, according to this deluded liberal letter writer from Oregon.  Are all the folks in Eugene demented Ducks?? 

The Antidote:
The only antidote to the shenanigans in DC is to purge all unnecessary tax and spend legislators as well as our current hope and change president in the next election.  Obama has surrounded himself with anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-business pigs.  His support of business killing, job-killing policies will be the death of America unless his influence can be stopped quickly.
.    His democratic and RINO supporters have become a faceless mob who refuse to accept responsibility for anything during their watch.  They manage to blame every ill on everything in sight, and refuse to look in the mirror.
Two clear faults are Obama’s teleprompters, the only things in sight which have not yet been blamed for the nation’s difficulties.  The man behind the teleprompters appears to be much like the great and masterful wizard who turns the cranks of politics as usual behind the curtains, and knows nothing about leading this great country. 

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