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When Google goofs The girls are on their brooms again armed with a manifesto that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the good old boys network is alive and well in the tech industry.  When foolproof explanations are lurking nearby – they are invisible to those flying so high.
Facebook is lopsided Jessica Guynn mounts her broom and indicts facebook with biased hiring practices.  Fortunately she also drops some crucial data into her article which undermines everything she says.  Check the data carefully for any confirmation of bias.
Liberal Thought in Education A series of disturbing questions is asked by a science editor on education: "Do school systems aggravate differences in natural ability? Why doesn’t 12 years of schooling raise the performance of kids who start out behind?" She even suggests that a child may “suddenly master logical thinking or problem solving”. Sharon Begley: Wall Street Journal 6/2/2006
Colorado's Endangered Toad “One muddy tire is all it takes to bring chytrid fungus into this drainage – and then we lose this population.” This could be the boreal toad’s last stronghold in Colorado — or their last stand. Tina Jackson: (as reported in the Longmont Times-Call; August 7; 2010)
Good vs. Evil Monkeys If we are ever to be free again we must learn how to defeat the moneyed elites and harness the power they have usurped so that our public officials may one day serve the many instead of the few. We must begin to realize that markets – with their narrow focus on profit – cannot govern society and that government – as our servant – has the duty to regulate the private sector for the public good. (Jan R. Young; Daytona Beach News Journal; December 10; 2010)
The Wealth Gap The Pew Report spotlights a government safety net that has buoyed older Americans on Social Security and Medicare amid cuts to education and cash assistance for the poor. (USA Today 11/7/2011)
Fearful Fracking Fracas When environmentalists capture a new word their world view disintegrates into one of despair and anguish that life on the planet is near collapse. Three letters about Fracking readily display some strange human antics. Liberal replies to USA Today's article: Fracking Natural Gas 8/23/2010
Poor or Not Poor In classic sucking-up to the "poor" a liberal suggests that Social Security; Medicare; and the minimum wage have helped the poor immeasurably. He doesn't have a clue who the poor really are! (David MacGregor; USA Today 1/7/2013)
Upward Mobility and the Poor Rags to riches? That's Hollywood fiction – study finds: (Allison Linn; Economy Watch; MSNBC July 9; 2012)
Illegals' Slippery Slope What is troubling to me … is a policy which treats people differently under the law solely based upon their immigration status. (Ms. Toni Preckwinkle; Cook County Board President)
Student performance and racial quotas This liberal letter writer claims that that students of color get less than their fair share of access to the in-school factors that matter for achievement.  Most of the time black students actually choose those classes which are less challenging.
Sex and the salamander When environmentalists envision an endangered species nearby – the local school children and their parents are willing to do their part on state highways with flashlights at night.  Go figure!!
Liberal Research Liberals and research are two terms that should probably not coexist in the same sentence. A journalist's report on the "greatest wealth gap on record" illustrates gross incompetence in analyzing and reporting simple data. (The author 2/25/2011)
Debt and the Tea Party Thanks Tea Party/Republicans for doing yet more damage to America (USA Today August 9; 2011; Dennis Lees; Eugene; Oregon)
Profits are a Problem In the past year the profits of gasoline and oil have reached nearly $50 billion. Profits of oil companies should be limited to about $10 billion. Everything above that should be paid in taxes or gasoline price reductions. (Daytona Beach News-Journal; April 30; 2011; William Kaletta; Ormond Beach FL)
Obama on Tests Obama: Less standardized testing in schools says our president – who has no credibility in testing – takes his cues directly from his masters; the teachers' unions who oppose all forms of testing. His solution is to "find a test that everybody agrees makes sense". (Associated Press; Daytona Beach News Journal; 3/29/2011)
Character in Politics When a likely liberal suspects the relevance of human character in politicians – his notion of moral equivalence leads to some fascinating suggestions (A head-shaking explanation; Daytona Beach News-Journal; 3/17/2011; Charles Blum; Palm Coast.)
Testing Punishes Teachers How dare Rick Scott and Michelle Rhêe decide teachers should be judged based on student test scores. These two should wake up. Some of these kids live in hell; they spend their after-school hours avoiding drug dealers and crime – not on homework. They have parents who work endlessly at low-paying jobs just to survive. Some are homeless or hungry; some have raging attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; without medication because their parents can’t afford it. (Sandy Green: Punishing teachers for society; Daytona News-Journal 1/17/12)
Hunters and hamburgers Shame on you hunters who kill animals for food rather then buying it at the store – where no animals are harmed.
Straw Men – Straw Teachers!! Nationally the Race to the Top is the latest proposition promulgated by the federal government; and the straw man is the teacher and the teachers’ union. Inexperienced and business-oriented leaders like Michelle Rhee and Arne Duncan threaten the very fabric of public education; while well meaning amateurs – like Bill Gates pour money into what they do not understand. (William Cuthbert; Daytona Beach News Journal; December 27; 2010)
US Schools #15 The NEA is keenly focused on how to help every student succeed and recently formed an independent commission of expert teachers to examine professional practices that make a difference in learning. The lesson from PISA is clear: Respect teachers and treat them like professionals. The U.S. should focus on what leading countries are doing and learn from their example. (NEA president Dennis Van Roekel; Elevate teachers: USA Today; December 15; 2010)
Outsourcing Jobs There is no way to restore America's competitive position in the world unless we put in place trade and tax policies that encourage companies to make things in America (AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka; Plain Dealer; October 7; 2010)
Black Students Denied Quality Education Under the title Busing students fails to improve education – a Louisville civil rights attorney states that "Today nothing has changed. The best schools still have the lowest percentage of African-American students. The best schools still have the best teachers and equipment. And African-American students are still being denied a quality education." (Ted Gordon; USA Today 10/12/2010)
Roots of a Meltdown In exposing the roots of the financial meltdown the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission will shortly showcase its findings. The ratings companies – whose seal of approval was necessary for risk-averse investors to buy mortgage backed securities – failed to act on the information provided fearing they would lose business if they were too exacting in handing out AAA ratings {A paraphrase}. (Mary Sanchez; Daytona Beach News Journal; 10/2/2010)
Tax Deductibility Rich taxpayers need pay little attention to covering their expenses because tax deductibility costs them nothing (A paraphrase) Nancy Nichols; Deadwood Oregon: USA Today 9/24/2010
A Taxing Dilemma During the George W. Bush administration a "sale" on income taxes was instituted. It's time for that sale to come to an end and tell conservatives that we're not going to be fooled by their deceitful spin (on tax cuts). John Fineberg; St Paul: USA Today 9/21/2010
Liberals Underwater Being underwater and current on their payments (responsible homeowners) are unable to obtain any mortgage modifications. To get one they would have to default and ruin their credit. Jim Karavite; Royal Oak; Michigan: USA Today 9/20/2010
Health insurance mis-information In response to medical insurers raising their premiums because of the new national health care system – the HHS Secretary wrote that "there will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases" Kathleen Sebelius: WSJ 9/10/2010
The Most Vulnerable I thank USA TODAY for highlighting the plight of the disabled in this era of imposed austerity. I – like many others who are the most vulnerable and the least powerful – will bear the costs when services are reduced ("States cut funds for disabled" News Friday). Michael T. Bucci: USA TODAY Friday; August 13; 2010
Obama's Energy Independence President Obama has a lot of passion to see America become energy independent and has given the danger warning that America's present dependency on oil is undermining it's national security. Ottoabasi Abasiekong: Business Day; July 13 2010
Liberal slippery definitions It is important to note that the bill I signed will not add to our deficit. It is fully paid for so it is fiscally responsible." President Obama
Journalism schools need government help Media budgets have been decimated as the internet facilitates a communications revolution. More public funding for news gathering is the answer. Lee Bollinger: President; Columbia University (WSJ 7/14/2010)
Pelosi's Job Bank By extending unemployment benefits "It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name. When families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning." Nancy Pelosi: Speaker of the House
Arizona's Indiscretion We can’t turn law-abiding American citizens and law-abiding immigrants into subjects of suspicion and abuse. We can’t divide the American people that way. Barack Obama: President of the United States
Fair Wages or Not A national ad campaign currently running (June 23; 2010) advises that the US Department of Labor will go to bat for all U.S. workers who allege they are being paid sub-standard wages – whether documented or not. Hilda Solis: Labor Department Secretary
Homosexuality is found in nature Science has confirmed that there is no human choice involved in homosexuality. It has also confirmed that 1500 species from primates to worms show homosexual behavior. USA Today's readers – both straight and gay – deserve an apology. Marilyn Himmel: Miami
Obama's Gulf Oil Spill Obama is probably the greatest advocate out there for economic and environmental regulation. If anything the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be a sign that we need more governmental regulation and if need be – more taxes to pay for it. Brian Ritter: Los Angeles

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