How liberals think, – or not

Yes, Virginia, it is possible to recognize most liberal thought, or absence thereof,  from the letters they write.  The first sign you are dealing with liberal thought is the headache from deciding whether any brain cells are involved.  Like Chicken Little, whose sky was falling, liberal  grandiosity leads them to believe they can protect planet earth and all its creatures, correct every evil, and rebuild America brick by brick.

Little more than a sentence or two is all that is required to see the dots are not connected,  that wishful thinking rises to the top like cream, and that nothing else in the world matters at the moment.  Feelings are paramount, while the consequences of liberal thought are found in a different universe, not on earth.

But don’t take it from me.  Read for yourself a selection of liberal letters, and the thinking, or its absence that supports each position.  Liberals surround themselves with talking points, the Pied Piper’s universal instructions for the mindless masses to follow.  They use words, like controlling the narrative, as their universal reality.  Their primary interest is in buying votes for the next election, and burying the consequences of their policies as long as possible.

Liberals are like fleas on the dog, although the reality of fleas provides liberals more substance than they deserve.  These papers represent flea powder.  Administer it generously to all the liberal words you hear.

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