How Liberals Think

Yes, Virginia, it is possible to recognize most liberal thought, or absence thereof,  from the letters they write.  The first sign you are dealing with liberal thought is the headache it produces.  Like Jack and the Bean Stalk who believed in magic beans, liberal  grandiosity leads them to believe they can correct every evil, protect planet earth and all its creatures, and rebuild America brick by brick.

Two collections of papers, each with its own index are included in this site.  The Liberals’ index pages originated from an actual liberal letter, some analysis, and an antidote to such thinking.  The papers in Obama’s Goose Index are his graduate papers graded by an old academic monkey with serious concerns about the need to rebuild America brick by brick, – if at all.  Each title is accompanied by a thumbnail sketch.

Assorted albums is a collection of historic, family ancestry, and general interest pictures featuring both Kansas and Florida.  For pictures from all over the world, please visit, where thousands of pictures are organized for your viewing pleasure.

What on Earth tests your world IQ based upon pictures of notable locations somewhere in the world.  Two tests measure more famous (easier) and less famous (harder) places and things.  Natural and man-made pictures are randomly included.  Have fun!!


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